Case Study 1
Detail of Major Contract

1. Original predicament

The client had provided a transport service which for many years had operated within local boundaries. Changing markets brought serious competition from a number of better providers and larger organisations. Earlier incorrect strategic decisions had weakened chances of success. Very little reliable information was available to management and any obtainable was inherently out of date and confused lines of responsibility existed. There was very little staff exposure to current market demands. Applied Positive Solutions was appointed as the senior consultant for the project which aimed at revitalising the whole organisation through detailed analysis of resources, systems and utilisation of assets. Proposals were required to redesign the current procedures and secure proper and efficient operation of the whole enterprise.

2. Suggested solutions

Over manning had to be reduced by early retirement and natural wastage, outdated working practices needed replacing, the rundown facilities required a fast revamp, the financial reporting structure required a total overhaul and modern managerial information systems needed to be introduced under a consolidated umbrella. There was a pressing requirement for the implementation of new modern systems and an overall upgrade in the quality of management. Establishment of a proficient management information package incorporating the necessary control features to deliver reduced reporting timescales and improved reliability. Introduction of proper and dependable computerised systems that would provide a high level of operational comfort to both the users and the board of directors.

3. Results

The project team implemented new systems that gave increased confidence to the management and reduced the time consumed in the day to day operation. The new systems provided the necessary additional information that was previously absent and this drastically reduced the time management information was reported to the board. The improved quality of the environment and information resulted in a more professional and competent organisation. The project gave the inducement for better efficiency throughout, paved the way for a return to profitability and latterly a successful sell-off of the business.

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