Case Study 10
Detail of Major Contract

1. Original predicament

New business start up had all the production capacity it needed but no recording and reporting systems to measure progress or determine results. Manufacture had just commenced but managerial action was limited by lack of essential information. Situated in equatorial Africa, far from civilisation and with unreliable supplies severely limited the possible options available.

2. Suggested solutions

The information platform needed to be simply based and extremely robust. It also had to be easily extended and modified to accommodate unforeseen change and present stereotype output throughout. The lack of skills needed to be compensated by easy access and automated processing. The threat to unreliable operation required proper back up being installed and a security system to match it. Outside assistance was very far away and, therefore, the presence of cross functionality was an essential insurance policy. A combined need by management for information in different currencies and differing statutory requirements had to be satisfied. The flurry of new customers generated a host of special requirements that had to be delivered and monitored for compliance.

3. Results

Fast delivery of a manufacturing reporting facility was greeted with enthusiasm. This gave detailed analysis of both monetary and quantitative values and, after continuous development, staged summarisation. Strict inventory control and recording was used to deliver detailed evaluation which was then used as a base for comparison and ultimately corrective managerial action. The demands of multi currencies, different statutory regimes and varying managerial requirements were all met together with the need for simple operation. The presentation of reliable reporting was immediately translated into cost savings by trimming previously unquantifiable shortfalls and excesses. The rigid operational environment resulted in extremely fast reporting which was appreciated by management and praised by the directors. The overall solution was of very great benefit to the whole business.

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