Case Study 2
Detail of Major Contract

1. Original predicament

Investigations pinpointed flaws in managerial chains of command and some areas which totally lacked essential and proper controls. London Regional Transport found it necessary to implement change rapidly, but discovered itself considerably short of resources. The proposed strategic mission had been prepared but necessary detail had been omitted in certain key areas. Almost total absence of pro-active management and drive within the organisation made the transition to smaller independent accountable cost centres impossible. Applied Positive Solutions was appointed as the Senior Consultant to design, organise, oversee and implement the new system.

2. Suggested solutions

To design a properly structured managerial reporting system which could be easily accommodated into the existing or planned wide and local area networks. A standard product was to be produced which could be mirrored over the proposed system of line management to give the required timely information and which could be used at grass root levels. The system had to be user friendly and encourage two way communication. The system also had to be simple but accommodate all the essential performance measurements. It was proposed to construct reliable information cascades within the system to measure a wide spectrum of activities and present a meaningful picture for the end of each period within an extremely short timescale. It was necessary to show the directorate a thoroughly businesslike and professional approach to the many urgent problems that required both short and long term effective solutions.

3. Results

The proposals were universally accepted by both the directorate and management. Each individual independent cost centre implemented the new system which was beneficial to both their local management and the organisation as a whole. The well documented and very detailed implementation plan produced by APS was designed to compliment the change and enabled introduction during a time of massive reorganisation. The project was so successful that further assignments were completed for the client.

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