Case Study 3
Detail of Major Contract

1. Original predicament

Unwillingness to accept the changes resulted in an inefficient service organisation which had not been able to gain an adequate return upon its assets. The means of achieving these goals were absent from the organisation but this had been realised very late in the day. Incorrect priorities were given to the purchase of resources and this had resulted in a fait accompli. Time was short and massive action was required quickly.
APS was hired as the Project Consultant to manage and control all aspects of the project; implement the new computer system to encompass all ten divisions; control new network installation; arrange temporary systems wherever required; prepare and receive the computer hardware, organise the location and connection of all hardware; agree and implement package and bespoke software specifications; control and implement data take-on and data entry from all sources; design all necessary internal and external documentation; agree data communication specifications for all interfaces; arrange all staffing requirements; form work teams for implementation, security and daily operation; recruit, organise and chair necessary committees; control and implement all training programmes; liaise with all managers and staff; liaise with all external departments and organisations; take all necessary action to ensure success; regularly report progress and organise publication of all systems documentation.

2. Suggested solutions

APS recommended that the recruitment programme be enhanced to ensure the correct level of expertise was rapidly obtained; that crucial areas were identified and team leaders appointed to manage them and achieve the necessary objectives; that very close liaison be developed with all suppliers to ensure obligations fully met and delivery deadlines controlled; that implementation plans be rapidly developed to ensure adequate command over the situation and this be enforced by emphasis during the periods of installation, verification, trial and commencement; that the necessary level of top quality material be guaranteed for the managerial information packages and the standard of reporting be upgraded to vastly reduce reporting time scales.

3. Results

The proposals worked so well that the new recruits were easily able to identify their roles within the elements of the project and were willingly absorbed into it. This in turn gave stimulus and motivation to the existing staff and resulted in their increased commitment to resolving complex practical problems. The effect was the speedy introduction of the required solutions to solve the extremely large obstacles that appeared at each and every stage of the project. The successful completion of the project ensured a solid foundation for the future viability and expansion of the whole organisation.

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