Case Study 6
Detail of Major Contract

1. Original predicament

The changing business environment had highlighted problems with existing facilities. The need for a totally new system designed to deliver more detailed and timely information to the board was urgently required if the organisation was going to meet the future needs of its customers.

2. Suggested solutions

After investigation it was discovered that the current strategy within the organisation could be developed and enhanced. The standard software packages could be moulded to deliver more meaningful information that could additionally be given a professional presentation to aid understanding. The system could then be developed to encompass a large variety of additional procedures many of which were already commonly used in commerce and industry. A way was found to significantly reduce the hardware cost by utilising spare back-up processor capacity. Other hardware such as PCs, printers and the network required specifying in line with user requirements. The software vehicle proposed was a system widely used by other similar organisations. The operation of this system was planned so that all necessary control was established early in the project. It was accepted that the system needed to accommodate, as a minimum, all divisions of the business and also any other anticipated new areas.
Particular emphasis was placed upon available space for growth and facility for change in all parts of the system. This option would accommodate significant movements in large areas of the business so that changes would require as little work as possible. A major control function was developed which could be quickly modified where necessary to reflect the developing needs of the business. Wherever possible legacy systems would be mirrored to accommodate ease of change and access to historical information. The testing of the system would be performed at each stage of development. A thorough and in-depth training programme was planned to be implemented shortly before system launch. Full liaison with the suppliers and the active user group was to be encouraged during and after the project.

3. Results

It was agreed by the directors to go ahead with the plans for computerisation and deliver more meaningful information to the management and the board. Much greater scope and ease of access was provided by the new system. The project progressed smoothly and was modified to accommodate additional new criteria. The assignment was a success and a properly constructed new system was delivered to the client based upon the defined needs of the business.

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