Case Study 9
Detail of Major Contract

1. Original predicament

The business was operating at a loss and action was required to fundamentally improve the whole enterprise. The existing systems were old fashioned. The reporting facilities incorporated within the systems did not match the requirements of the business. The system data was incomplete and in some areas out of date. Much operational time was badly utilised through the need to transfer data between systems. It was impossible to obtain a true picture of the current financial position without much effort. This resulted in the management reports taking a great deal of time to prepare and also being necessarily out of date upon publication. The skill levels were low and in need of special consideration. This was particularly obvious in the areas of control of information, in the need to observe a consistent approach and in the delivery of standard output.

2. Suggested solutions

It was proposed to install an upgraded system to deliver an improved environment for users and more focussed output to management. The proposed system offered the added benefit of a shortened implementation lead-time over its competitors. A new management reporting suite would be developed to deliver 'easy to read' reports that highlighted vital business trend indicators. The whole reporting package would be designed to feed easily into other modules to save valuable time at busy times. The APS proposals were made after extensive investigations and based upon the agreed future requirements of the whole organisation.

3. Results

The solutions suggested by APS were accepted and approved by the board. It was agreed that APS would control the whole installation and re-education process. The assignment was a very great success. The new system was installed in line with the APS plan and the training of the staff was successfully completed. Armed with this new tool APS was able to constructively aid the reappraisal programme for the business and instigate its fast turnaround. The backlogs were eliminated. A fully tried and tested method of business monitoring handed over to the organisation.

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